The Open University has inspired and taught me since 2007. I’m currently a postgraduate student at the Open University Business School (OUBS).

One of the most wonderful things about The Open University is that alumni, current students and staff have a great regard for one another and you’ll find fellow OU’ers in all walks of life.

If you’re a new, current or past student of The Open University and you have any questions or just want to chat, get in touch!

BA (Hons) Open Degree : 2017 onwards

Level 1
AA100 : The Arts Past and Present
W101 : An introduction to law

Level 2
A215 : Creative writing
A230 : Reading and studying literature

Level 3
W350 : Exploring legal boundaries
W340 : Law, society and culture
A334 : English literature from Shakespeare to Austen

Postgraduate Certificate in Human Resource Management : 2016 – 2017

B863 – The human resource professional
B864 – Human resource management in context

BSc (Hons) Natural Sciences : 2007 – 2014

Level 1
S182 : Studying mammals
S170 : Darwin and evolution
S159 : Neighbourhood nature
S193 : Fossils and the history of life
Y161 : Introducing environment
S196 : Planets : an introduction
S151 : Maths for science
S189 : Understanding the weather
S104 : Exploring science
S155 : Scientific investigations

Level 2
SK277 : Human biology
S216 : Environmental science
SXL288 : Practical science : biology and health

Level 3
S396 : Ecosystems
S377 : Molecular and cell biology
S366 : Evolution
SXL390 : Researching biology and health science